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By entering my details at the end of this page, I hereby provide consent to engage with Celtic Wind Crops (CWC) to help quantify the benefits of CWC products by providing honest and accurate information from my experience.

CWC products are food supplements and are not medication.

However, there is significant anecdotal evidence of the potential clinical benefits of taking Cannabinoids. CWC products are unique as they are 100% natural and are not extracts.

The purpose of this survey is to gather preliminary evidence to help quantify any clinical benefits observed using CWC products.

I give consent for a CWC survey representative to contact me on the phone number I provide to gather preliminary information. I understand my data will be stored on a secure case management system. I understand the initial phone call with the CWC survey representative will create a personal file within the secure case management system, so the information I provide can be used in the survey.

I understand that the CWC survey representative who will contact me is fully trained and compliant under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

I understand my data will be reviewed by the Chief Medical Officer of Celtic Wind Crops:

Dr. Shane Farrelly MFOM
MCRN 04763
GMC 3062344

Dr. Farrelly will be responsible for the security of my data. I understand Dr. Farrelly will contact me to seek clarification on the data I provide, and I give consent for Dr. Farrelly to do so at a pre-arranged time. The phone call with Dr. Farrelly will be booked for a date & time that suits me by the CWC survey representative during our initial call.

Once my data has been analysed, Dr. Farrelly will destroy my personal information and only anonymised data will be stored by him for the purpose of this survey.

I understand I can withdraw this consent at any time, at which point my data will be destroyed according to GDPR. If I want to opt-out at any time, I understand I must email to do so – providing my first name, surname and date of birth. I understand the reason I must provide these personal markers to opt-out of the survey is so Dr. Farrelly can accurately delete my data from the secure case management system.

I understand when I enter my details below and hit the confirm button, that I receive an e-mail asking me to verify my e-mail address. On verification of my e-mail address, I will receive a confirmation email with supporting information and details on the next steps. I understand that if I do not want to take part in the survey, I must not complete this consent form.

I understand that if I have any questions, queries or would like to discuss this consent, I can email to speak to a CWC survey representative.

Based on the information above, which I can confirm I have fully read & understood, I am satisfied to take part in CWC survey and my consent is therefore fully informed.


For every 30 participants who enroll and successfully complete our survey, there will be a free giveaway for 3 randomly selected people! The first person randomly selected will receive a bottle of 10% CBD hemp oil, the second person will receive a bottle of 5% CBD hemp oil and the third person will receive a bottle of 3% CBD hemp oil.

If you have read & understood all the above information, please fill in your details below to join our survey

Based in the Cooley Peninsula, Co. Louth, Ireland. Celtic Wind Crops is an Eco-friendly organisation focused on developing a broad range of natural hemp based products.

Blending generations of farming expertise with modern processing technologies, we work with our partners to utilise every element of this ancient plant, that we grow on Irish soil, to create an exciting range of natural products to feed, nourish, clothe and protect.

Proud to work hand in hand with our partners and working towards a sustainable future. Welcome, to Celtic Wind Crops.